mark or marky (markormarky) wrote in dennis_cooper,
mark or marky

wolves flee boys' buttocks

i think this outrageous/hilarious/disturbing passage by J. M. Barrie (circa 1911) pre-curses Dennis Cooper Territory:

"Once more the boys emerged into the open; but the dangers of the night were not yet over, for presently Nibs rushed breathless into their midst, pursued by a pack of wolves. The tongues of the pursuers were hanging out; the baying of them was horrible. 'Save me, save me!' cried Nibs, falling on the ground...'What would Peter do?' Almost in the same breath they cried, 'Peter would look at them through his legs.'...It is quite the most successful way of defying wolves, and as one boy they bent and looked through their legs...As the boys advanced upon them in this terrible attitude, the wolves dropped their tails and fled."
-----j.m. barrie, PETER AND WENDY, Chapter V: "The Island Come True"

(from an entry i posted late last year -
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