my polite trumpet mistress winks collectively... (salsburysteakjr) wrote in dennis_cooper,
my polite trumpet mistress winks collectively...

Dennis Cooper Blog Prob

Woah. Does anybody know what's going on with Dennis Cooper's blog? It sends you directly now to some sex website. When I try to go there from old blog entries of his, they proclaim what I'm looking for does not exist!

A temporary error? Have the blog honchos deemed his blog too offensive? Has there been a hacker?

Seriously, if it's the end of Dennis Cooper's blog as we know it, I'd start crying. He's one of the best reasons to have the internet, his fantastically funny and informative daily updates! And the fact he replies to just every question or comment you pose to him is beguiling in the most marvellous way!

He's my FAVORITE living author, so it's so COOL. So NOT cool his blog is broken for now.

If anybody knows, please to keep the rest of us informed.

Have a good day, f'sure!
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