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[18 Apr 2010|05:45pm]


Just finished Try. I'm still relatively new to Dennis Cooper. I enjoyed The Sluts, Horror Hospital Unplugged and My Loose Thread. But I just can't find anything worth appreciating in the repetitive 199 pages of aimlessness in Try. It went nowhere. It did nothing. It said nothing.
What do you think?

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Darby Crash [14 Aug 2007|09:57pm]

Hi, I seem to recall that Darby Crash pops up in several places in Dennis Cooper's work, but I can't seem to find where... Does anyone here know where or where I might find this info? There is a brief reference in "Wrong", but I thought there was something more extensive somewhere else. I'm getting ready to write a paper on the subject, so any info would be amazing. Thank you. I'm stuck.
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Dennis Cooper Blog Prob [18 Nov 2006|07:14am]

Woah. Does anybody know what's going on with Dennis Cooper's blog? It sends you directly now to some sex website. When I try to go there from old blog entries of his, they proclaim what I'm looking for does not exist!

A temporary error? Have the blog honchos deemed his blog too offensive? Has there been a hacker?

Seriously, if it's the end of Dennis Cooper's blog as we know it, I'd start crying. He's one of the best reasons to have the internet, his fantastically funny and informative daily updates! And the fact he replies to just every question or comment you pose to him is beguiling in the most marvellous way!

He's my FAVORITE living author, so it's so COOL. So NOT cool his blog is broken for now.

If anybody knows, please to keep the rest of us informed.

Have a good day, f'sure!
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The Sluts [30 Sep 2006|06:30pm]
I'm currently reading The Sluts and I'm struck at how much it resonates to David Lynch's Twin Peaks. Like Laura Palmer, Brad is a character who is revealed through the actions and memories of others and who defies classification due to the lack of his actual presence.

I don't know if I should be reading this book and listening to Angelo Badalamenti music at the same time, but I have been. And at times it creeps me out intensely.
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[08 Jun 2006|03:43am]


I am a filmmaker and currently working on a screenplay that concerns a character, a 17 year old hustler type. Now to avoid the obvious cliche's I'm unaware of and to gather some nice ideas to sort of steal, I am reading up on authors works who deal in such subject matter.

Dennis Cooper's name came up. I went to the library and could only find, knowing he's an entire series about a certain character, the book Period. I brought it home and needless to say, its tough, bordering on incomprehensible reading. I'm all for exciting and experimental narrative techniques, but is it because all the tricky in's and out's of the narrative were introduced far earlier on in a far more conventional manner, that I'm having a little trouble getting into the story and such? Or are they from the outset this outlandish? Maybe I've chosen the wrong Dennis Cooper works to begin with in the first place.

You being experts and me being a novice, I figured coming here and asking would do me loads of good. He along with certain folks I've already read the works of like JT Leroy I imagine would rather help me construct a fictional character with some authentic habits or ways of going about their daily life.

I'm not looking to STEAL outright a character from anybody's book, I'd just like to see where previous people have taken it so far.

Any help would be appreciated, along with suggestions of authors or novels concerning the matter that I may also like. I might note too this is not simply research, I am reading these things to enjoy them in the way you enjoy disturbing writing. Ahem.

Thanks again.
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And Queen Cigarette pronounced him dead... [22 Feb 2006|10:55pm]

My Dennis Cd/book arrived today.

It's number 399.
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wolves flee boys' buttocks [25 Jun 2005|10:11am]

i think this outrageous/hilarious/disturbing passage by J. M. Barrie (circa 1911) pre-curses Dennis Cooper Territory:

"Once more the boys emerged into the open; but the dangers of the night were not yet over, for presently Nibs rushed breathless into their midst, pursued by a pack of wolves. The tongues of the pursuers were hanging out; the baying of them was horrible. 'Save me, save me!' cried Nibs, falling on the ground...'What would Peter do?' Almost in the same breath they cried, 'Peter would look at them through his legs.'...It is quite the most successful way of defying wolves, and as one boy they bent and looked through their legs...As the boys advanced upon them in this terrible attitude, the wolves dropped their tails and fled."
-----j.m. barrie, PETER AND WENDY, Chapter V: "The Island Come True"

(from an entry i posted late last year -
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je m'appelle [14 Jun 2005|10:45am]

i am brand-spanking new here. my name is mark and i'm just sayin' Hello.

my personal dc favorite is his book of short stories, WRONG. i also love TRY and his collection of Poems, THE DREAM POLICE.

perhaps i should attempt to say something insightful and arty, but fuck that as i just can't seem to wake up this morning.
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DC Blog [27 May 2005|04:08pm]

dennis cooper now has a blog!
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[14 Apr 2005|12:27am]


Okay, this may be a really stupid question, but bare with me...

I've only read two Dennis Cooper books, Frisk and My Loose Thread.  I really, really enjoy both of them and obviously want to read more.  I'm very interested in reading The Sluts, based solely on the samples on his website, but cannot afford the super awesome extra special edition right now (I will, of course, buy it when the cheap version comes out).  Anyway, what my question is, since I know five of the books are in the George Miles, what is the order?  I know it's probably not super important, but I would like to read them in order, and don't know which one to pick up first.  Or should I read something else completely?
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[22 Mar 2005|10:48am]

hey everyone.... here's the news you've been waiting for THE SLUTS will be available in paperback. check out the latest news update at http://www.denniscooper.net for more info. there's a new mini-poll too! go vote!! :)
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[06 Feb 2005|07:40am]

[ mood | computer virus ]

has anyone read my loose thread? what did you think of it?

my favourite part is when he always says "that takes me a second"

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[05 Feb 2005|04:06pm]

Anybody in here got The Sluts yet?  The excerpts on Cooper's website appear to be (to me at least) really really amazing.  However, I'm pensive to pay fifty bucks for a book right now, especially since I'll probably end up paying fifty bucks for the new Peter Sotos compedium.  So what I'm asking is
A) is it worth the fifty bucks?
B) does anybody know if they'll be releasing a non limited edition version like they did with Sotos' Selfish, Little?
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website updated.... enter the competition!! [17 Nov 2004|11:52am]

DennisCooper.net has been updated with the november news. an awesome SLUTS competition is being run....

"The winner will receive a special copy of 'The Sluts,' personally autographed to you by DC and including some one-of-a-kind 'Sluts'-related goodies - a page from DC's original manuscript, one of the images DC used as inspiration in writing the novel, and a couple of other rare, 'slutty' items chosen from DC's personal collection. The contest is open to any DC fan in the world, and the winner will be announced in the December News column of this site. The deadline for entries is December 12th."
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sept. news. [18 Sep 2004|10:49pm]

news has been updated at www.Denniscooper.net. check out the link to an article by the guy who threatened to kill him!
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[01 Aug 2004|12:33am]

Hello. I got into Cooper through my art education and came to know him as an art critic and figure. I loved his interview he did with Tom Friedman, a brilliant artist. His name came up again when I got into Jt LeRoy. So I read "Try". I was wondering if people might throw out some of their own interpretations of the book. I am curious.

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little caesar [19 Jul 2004|11:54am]

the little caesar magazine/press archives have been added to DC's website:
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[17 Jul 2004|04:21pm]

Hi. My friend and I have a zine called Breakfast in Denmark. It features two as-yet-to-be published poems by Dennis Cooper. It also contains interviews with H.G. Lewis, Barcelona Pavilion, and exclusive drawings by The Gossip. It comes with a CD-R showcasing songs of the bands featured in the issue. The cost of the zine is $3.00 and $1.50(SORRY) for postage. You'll recieve an out-of-print Mindless Self Indulgence sample cd with each purchase (while supplies last). If interested please e-mail us at athenaworkshop@hotmail.com
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[12 Jul 2004|11:14am]

The official Dennis Cooper website launched today: DennisCooper.net
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new news [26 Jun 2004|01:03pm]

news has been updated at http://www.denniscooper.net
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